Professional Polish is here to help you pick the right machine and product to fit your cleaning needs.  If you have a warehouse, retail space or office building we have the right size and type of commercial cleaning equipment for your needs.  As we are authorised dealers for only name brand quality machines all our products come with the manufacturer’s support and full warranty, giving you piece of mind.

Walk-behind Scrubbers

Compact, battery operated scrubber is an excellent machine for areas of your facility that are close in quarters. Extremely simple to operate, there is very minimal training involved. Great scrubber when you know there will be many obstacles to avoid while cleaning the floor.

Professional Polish has a comprehensive line of walk-behind floor scrubbers from multiple suppliers to meets your cleaning needs. These durable, easy-to-operate machines boost cleaning productivity and leave floors clean and dry in just one pass. We offer cylindrical and disk platforms for agile cleaning, and the rugged construction of our walk-behind floor scrubbers guarantees years of reliable performance.

Rider Scrubbers

This heavy duty ride on scrubber is a great choice if you have large areas to clean, but require a more manoeuvrable scrubber for narrow aisles or tight spaces, such as in a machine shop or hospital. They can be used to clean any hard surface and has enough power to strip years of build-up from on a floor’s surface. This machine runs up to 4 hours on a charge.

Clean large spaces easier and faster than ever before with a rider floor scrubber. We offer industrial scrubbers in a wide range of sizes and features that increase operator comfort, productivity and the efficiency of your cleaning program with their unbeatable scrubbing performance, intuitive controls and high manoeuvrability.

Walk-behind Sweeper

Battery-powered, self-propelled sweeper that sweeps up to 30,000 square feet per hour. Picks up fine dust, chunks of wood, metal, rocks, etc. A great sweeper rental for warehouse clean-ups, move outs, or getting ready for important visitors. This machine works on any hard surface.

The perfect solution for cleaning your factory or commercial floors, a walk-behind floor sweepers are designed to simplify the cleaning process and made from only the highest-quality materials. Easy to manoeuvre and operate, these machines save your company money and time.


High-Speed Buffer or Polisher

High speed floor buffers are your machine of choice when buffing and polishing hard floor surfaces, used to clean and maintain non-carpeted floors, such as hardwood, marble, tile or linoleum.    High-speed buffers are able to polish so well due to pads that can rotate as much as 2000 revolutions per minute. The high speeds create heat, which aids in creating a bright shine. Floor buffers, especially heavy high-speed buffers, can be difficult to operate.


Steam Cleaners

Steam’s teeny-tiny vapor molecules penetrate a surface’s pores to force out dirt, grease and other stain-causing substances eliminate more dirt and bacteria than traditional mops.  The steam’s extreme heat also slays bacteria, germs, mold, dust mites, and more — all using plain old water.


Carpet Extractors

A carpet extractor is an electric-powered carpet cleaning machine that uses hot water, detergent, a powered scrub brush and strong suction to extract deeply embedded dirt from wall-to-wall carpeting.   We sell top-tier carpet extractors and pioneering cleaning innovations from hand-held, portable spot extractors to ride-on dual technology extractors that perform interim and deep cleaning.

Carpet Care Equipment

When you carpets need more than just typical maintenance, you can rely on our carpet care equipment to restore and recover them. Our powerful machines, including rider carpet extractors and spot removers, can make your carpets look new again,  Call us to find reliable, effective options for maintaining any size carpet

Low Speed Buffer or Polisher

ow speed floor buffers are great machines to scrub your hard floor and carpeted surfaces. The low speeds are ideal for tough scrubbing jobs that require a more aggressive scrubbing pad or floor scrubbing brush.  On the small end we have some great 12 inch floor buffers and 13 inch floor buffing machines which are appropriate for smaller areas and overall smaller jobs.

Low speed buffers are typically used to clean, scrub or strip floors. When used with softer pads like white pads along with spray buff, a good quality used low speed floor machine can be used to restore some gloss to a floor finish on a vinyl composition tile.

Blower Fans / Floor Dryers Blower

Air Mover Blower Fan for Water Damage Restoration Carpet Dryer Floor Home and Plumbing

A portable blower just may be the drying, cooling and ventilating solution you’ve been looking for. Two speed and three speed carpet dryers help to quickly and effectively dry wet carpeting, rugs and other flooring surfaces. Use a portable fanto help ventilate when cleaning and using chemicals.

Propane Floor Burnishers

Propane power floor burnishers, we carry floor machines for every application that make scrubbing, polishing and stripping any floor fast and easy. Clean and maintain non-carpeted floors, such as hardwood, marble, tile or linoleum


Floor Sanders

Floor sanders come in three distinct types: edgers, orbital sanders, and drum sanders. A floor edger is essentially a powerful, super-sized orbital hand sander that allows you to sand next to baseboards and walls. An orbital floor sander is even larger and more powerful than the edger, but both operate by randomly and rapidly moving a single sheet of sandpaper around the wood.

Commercial Vacuums

Ideal floor cleaning solutions for industrial, hospitality, healthcare and institutional facilities. Commercial vacuums are known for their minimal noise, virtually indestructible construction, ease of use and multiple tool options. Available in a number of sizes, we carry a vacuum that will meet your needs.

Critical Filter Vacuums

High-performance critical filter vacuums easily recover hazardous materials, including asbestos. The safest way to collect contaminants, our critical filter vacuums trap and contain lead, mercury, mold, nuclear waste and other potentially harmful materials.

Electric Airless Sprayers – Painters

Boost every job with the unbeatable power, speed, and control of a electric airless paint sprayer, designed to get the job done right the first time.  


Disinfectant Airless Sprayers

High Efficiency Airless™spray technology delivers the industry best wetting with a large fan pattern with bigger droplets set anywhere from 500–1200 PSI.  Lab tested and proven for spraying disinfectant materials Lower Pressure. High Production for the right mix of high production with the right droplet size.  Optimizes spray application putting material where it belongs and delivers a consistent wetted surface without over-saturation  Airless sprayers are proven to maximize productivity when spraying disinfectants

HANDHELD SPRAYERS – the power of airless coupled with the control of HVLP. • Easy to use and control with a delivery rate of .20 GPM

Recommended Sprayers: • FlexSpray Handheld

HIGH PRODUCTION ONE-GUN SPRAYERS – Choose from several one gun sprayers to get the job done , portable and powerful sprayers from .47 GPM to .60 GPM


Recommended Sprayers:  Impact® 410, 440 and Elite™ 3000


MULTI-GUN SPRAYERS – Spray with up to 4 guns off a single sprayer with the ability to pull from a 55 gallon drum


Recommended Sprayers: Impact 840, 1040 and 1140 or PowrTwin™ 8900 Plus Electric

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